Programs and Initiatives

Programs and Initiatives

Women enrol in our training and psychosocial support programs and initiatives to access much needed help and develop skills to earn money, improve their lives and make a positive impact at home and in their communities, creating a ripple effect. Our counselling, mentoring and coaching programs, and circles help women cope with life’s challenges by overcoming emotional and psychological barriers from within, by improving their mental wellbeing and building a support network. Our training programs empower women to be the best version of themselves and contribute to a better society, by giving them vital life and work skills; employability and entrepreneurship skills; and tools to help them set solid goals and achieve their objectives.

Big Sister / Little Sister

Group Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Coaching for Success


Cultural Exchange

Employability & Work Readiness

Graciella Women Circles

Workshops and Webinars

SheCodes Initiative

Nutrition and Fitness

Skills-building Events