The Big Sister/Little Sister Program is a mentoring and support program that matches experienced business and professional women with younger women (aged 18-25).

It aims to empower the young women by strengthening their decision-making skills and motivating them to create a positive change in their lives.

The program is developed in partnership with Sustain Leadership Consultancy in Dubai, UAE.



  • Receive unbiased advice and guidance to navigate through challenges.
  • Have someone believe in you and in your abilities; thereby, developing greater confidence.
  •  Receive support that will enable you to make the appropriate choices in your life.
  •  Receive advice on how to set realistic goals and support through your journey in achieving them.
  •  Expand your network with Challenge to Change Big Sisters and fellow Little Sisters.


  • Women aged 18 to 25, facing difficult social, emotional and life challenges.
  • Students, graduates or professionals in need of guidance and support.
  • In employment and seeking professional or career development.
  • With entrepreneurial spirit and looking to validate and develop their ideas.


1. Be open-minded and willing to learn
2. Be proactive and take initiative
3. Respect the Big Sister’s time
4. Understand Boundaries
5. Follow up on agreements
6. Be willing to allocate approximately 2-4 hours a month to the mentoring relationship program
7. Be willing to learn and develop
8. Be open about your goals, expectations, challenges and concerns
9. Actively listen and question
10. Seek advice, opinion, feedback, and direction from your mentor
11. Be open to constructive criticism/feedback and ask for it
12. Give feedback to your mentor on what is working or not working in the mentoring relationship
13. Report when you think the mentoring relationship is not working out as planned or if there is a scheduling conflict



– Develop/showcase your skills as a facilitator, guide, and advisor.
– Learn fresh perspective from Little Sisters.
– Build new relationships with fellow Challenge to Change Big Sisters.
– Have the opportunity to be engaged in the community, help others and create lasting positive change in young women’s lives.
– Gain personal satisfaction and happiness from the act of doing good and giving back.
– Receive recognition (mention on Challenge to Change website, social media, press releases, newsletters and other promotional activities and calls to action).


– Successful role model with leadership skills.
– Be credible and non-judgmental in her approach.
– Accessible, committed and engaged during the length of the program.
– Have an understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and its impact on young women.
– Interested and committed to the empowerment of aspiring young women.
– Willing to attend events where possible, in person, or via video link online.


– Support the Little Sister’s development of academic, professional and interpersonal competencies
– Agree to, and schedule, uninterrupted time with the Little Sister
– Create a supportive and trusting environment
– Listen actively and act as a sounding board
– Openly and honestly share “lessons learned” from own experience
– Provide helpful and constructive feedback
– Fill brief assessments about the progress of the relationship
– Report when the relationship with the Little Sister(s) is not working out as planned or there is a scheduling conflict.
– Share your experience and mentoring approach with other Big Sisters if requested