Coaching For Success

Supporting Women in UAE
The Coaching for Success program, delivered in partnership with the International Coach Federation Foundation, UAE Chapter’s initiative: “Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education” is developed for women in UAE, who would like to access free coaching support to help them deal with life or work challenges, bring about a progression in the workplace and those looking to enter the workforce or return to work after a career break.
  • You could be dealing with life challenges
  • You could be looking for work
  • You could be seeking a career advice or promotion
  • You could be looking to establish yourself at management level
  • You might want to access coaching to help you overcome some workplace issue
  • You might want to improve how you manage and present yourself at work.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that can help you realize your potential to maximize your performance.  The coach can help you learn more about yourself and your abilities and help you formulate your own solutions to problems – the coach will not tell you what to do but will help you think through the options. Coaching can help you:

  • Make the necessary changes in your life
  • Achieve your potential
  • Improve or maximize your performance
  • Increase your personal or job satisfaction
  • Understand more about your work role and the issues you need to address.


The Coaching Process

Coaching provides you with a structured reflective space which can help you make changes. You may wish to explore the following areas with a coach:

  • Review your life challenges
  • Review your current performance and any related issues to be resolved
  • Review your career path and devise goals for the future
  • Review leadership skills and decide on development needs
  • Agree on development goals and steps to achieve them
  • Discuss progress towards your goals and ways to overcome problems encountered



Are you eligible for the Coaching for Success program?

  • You must be female, Emirati or residing in the United Arab Emirates, aged 18 and above 

What happens then?

Once you complete an application you will be matched to a coach. You can then contact your coach to arrange your first appointment.

During the first consultation, you will discuss how you might work together – this will be either by telephone, online or face to face.  This consultation is a time for you to get a sense of whether you and your coach are going to be a good fit. If you’d prefer to see another coach following this consultation, please get back in touch.

At the first session, you agree with your coach on your objectives for the sessions and how you will measure success, along with a number of other practicalities:

  • What objectives you have for the coaching sessions – having some objectives at the start will help make the coaching process more constructive for you by giving a focus to your discussions.
  • How you will conduct the sessions (by phone, online or face to face).
  • The time of day you will conduct your sessions
  • What cancellation notification is required by the coach should you be unable to attend a scheduled appointment
  • At the end of the program. we need to review your coaching to ascertain how effective you have found the process and confirm your next steps.


Limited places are now available on this program.

If you have queries, please contact us at