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Big Sister / Little Sister Mentoring

Developed in partnership with Sustain Leadership Consultancy – UAE, the mentoring and support program matches experienced business and professional women with young Arab women. It aims to empower the aspiring women by optimizing their decision-making abilities and motivation to create a positive impact on their wellbeing, personal development and social environment. 

The mentoring groups explore academic and career development, provide psychosocial support, help to build networks and facilitate knowledge transfer. Support comes not only from the Mentor, but also from peers within the group. The program provides for greater exposure to multiple levels of experiences and knowledge as each participant brings their own competencies to the group that can be shared.

The program is developed to help increase the academic, career, and social success of young Arab women via one-on-one mentoring and support from someone who is a few steps ahead in their university, career, knowledge and life experience. The mentoring relationship is flexible, confidential, and fits around the availability and preferences of the pair.

Developed in partnership with the International Coach Federation Foundation, UAE Chapter’s initiative: “Ignite: Engaging Humanity Through Education”, the program is offered to women in UAE, who would like to access free coaching support to help them deal with life or work challenges, bring about a progression in the workplace and those looking to enter the workforce or return to work after a career break.

Developed in partnership with Solidarity for Sustainability – Lebanon, the program supports young women, who are unemployed and facing financial difficulties. The program would ensure participants have adequate marketable job skills and that they know how to enter the workforce. After the training, participants are offered to be matched with internship or employment opportunities that are meaningful to their career development.


The program aims to raise awareness about the skills and mindset of entrepreneurs, and it guides the participants on how to shape their startup idea, create a compelling value proposition, establish the right business model, create a business plan, and build and practice an impactful pitch. The program also offers networking support and links to accelerator and incubator entrepreneurship hubs.

These circles are groups of diverse women transforming distances, differences, and isolation into opportunities for empowerment. They challenge to change the conversation from what women can’t do, to what they can. They encourage women to share, explore, discover and activate the incredible power of their wisdom in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.

We conduct regular online educational and wellness sessions, presented and moderated by experts in their respective fields: life coaches, therapists, fitness and nutrition professionals, and personal development specialists. The sessions are interactive and allow for participants to receive feedback and apply the learnings in a practical manner.

Participants at our fully interactive events are exposed to the networking, mentoring and skills building capacities of our community of highly empowered international women mentors. Successful leading women share their experiences in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Attendees gain skills through the workshops and have the opportunity to discuss different topics with the inspirational speakers.

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